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Sonic Hedgehog is title character and protagonist of Sonic Hedgehog video game series published by Sega as well as numerous spin-off comics animations and other media Sonic is blue anthropomorphic hedgehog who can run supersonic speeds and curl into ball primarily to attack enemies In most games Sonic must race through levels collecting power-up rings and avoiding obstacles and enemies Programmer Yuji Naka and artist Naoto Ohshima are generally credited with creating Sonic Most of games are developed by Sonic Team The original Sonic Hedgehog 1991 was released to provide Sega with mascot to rival Nintendo s flagship character Mario Sonic was redesigned by Yuji Uekawa for Sonic Adventure 1998 with more mature look designed to appeal to older players Sonic is one of world s best-known video game characters and gaming icon His series had sold more than 80 million copies by 2011 In 2005 Sonic was one of first game character inductees into Walk of Game alongside Mario Link and Master Chief Sonic s first shown appearance video game was 1991 arcade racing game Rad Mobile as decorative ornament hanging rearview mirror Sonic s first playable appearance was platform game Sonic Hedgehog for Sega Mega Drive Genesis which also introduced his nemesis Dr Robotnik His two-tailed fox friend Tails joined him game s 1992 sequel Sonic Hedgehog 2 Sonic CD released 1993 introduced Sonic s self-appointed girlfriend Amy Rose and recurring robotic doppelg nger Metal Sonic as Sonic traveled through time to ensure good future for world Sonic 3 and its direct sequel Sonic Knuckles both released 1994 saw Sonic and Tails battle Robotnik again with additional threat of Knuckles who is tricked by Robotnik into thinking Sonic is threat Sonic 4 2010 2012 continues where story of Sonic 3 left off reducing Sonic to only playable character and releasing episodic installments The second episode sees return of both Tails as Sonic s sidekick and Metal Sonic as recurring enemy Other two-dimensional platformers starring Sonic include Sonic Chaos 1993 Sonic Triple Trouble 1994 Sonic Blast 1996 Sonic Hedgehog Pocket Adventure 1999 Sonic Advance 2001 Sonic Advance 2 2002 Sonic Advance 3 2004 Sonic Rush 2005 Sonic Rush Adventure 2007 Sonic Colors 2010 and Sonic Generations 2011 all which were released for handheld consoles Sonic Adventure 1998 was Sonic Team s return to character for major game It featured Sonic returning vacation to find city of Station Square under attack by new foe named Chaos under control of Dr Robotnik now known as Dr Eggman It was also first Sonic game to feature complete voice-over Sonic Adventure 2 2001 placed Sonic --run military G U N after being mistaken for Shadow Hedgehog Sonic Heroes 2003 featured Sonic teaming up with Tails and Knuckles along with other character teams like Team Rose and Chaotix against newly rebuilt Metal Sonic who had betrayed his master with intentions of world domination Sonic Hedgehog 2006 features Sonic city of water Soleanna where he must rescue Princess Elise Dr Eggman while trying to avoid new threat to his own life Silver Hedgehog He is only playable character Sonic Unleashed 2008 which he unwillingly gains new personality Sonic Werehog result of Sonic being fused with Dark Gaia s power He gains strength and flexibility exchange for his speed and new friends including strange creature named Chip who helps him along way In Sonic Colors 2010 Eggman tries to harness energy of alien beings known as Wisps for mind-control beam Sonic Generations 2011 features two playable incarnations of Sonic younger classic Sonic whose gameplay is presented style reminiscent of Mega Drive Genesis games and present-day modern Sonic who uses gameplay style present Unleashed and Colors going through stages past games to save their friends Sonic Generations features various theme songs including modern and retro versions that are able to be selected throughout Sonic s twenty-year history In April 2013 Sega announced that Sonic Lost World would launch October 2013 for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Sonic and Secret Rings 2007 features Sonic storybook world of One Thousand and One Nights A sequel Sonic and Black Knight 2009 continued storybook theme this time taking place within realm of Arthurian legend Sonic has also been featured other games of many genres other than 2D and 3D platform games These include Sonic Spinball Sonic Labyrinth 1995 racing games Sonic Drift 1994 Sonic Drift 2 1995 Sonic R 1996 Sonic Riders 2006 Sonic Rivals 2006 Sonic Rivals 2 2007 Sonic Riders Zero Gravity 2008 and Sonic Free Riders 2010 fighting games Sonic Fighters 1996 and Sonic Battle 2003 mobile game Sonic Jump 2005 and role-playing video game Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood 2008 Video games such as Dr Robotnik s Mean Bean Machine 1993 Knuckles Chaotix 1995 Tails Skypatrol 1995 Tails Adventure 1995 and Shadow Hedgehog 2005 starred supporting characters of Sonic series although Sonic himself cameos most of them


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